We are excited to announce the first FlexFlow bootcamp, 9:00-13:00 PDT December 11th 2020. The bootcamp is designed for people interested in using FlexFlow to accelerate the distributed training performance of DNN models written in TensorFlow Keras or PyTorch. This year’s bootcamp covers a series of tutorials on how to use FlexFlow, followed by hands-on exercises and office hours.

Instructions to install and run FlexFlow on AWS.


Time Title Speaker Materials
9:00 Opening Remarks Alex Aiken  
9:05 FlexFlow Overview and Updates Zhihao Jia slides video
9:30 FlexFlow Installation and Getting Started Vinay Ramakrishnaiah slides video
9:55 FlexFlow Front-End Supports: TensorFlow Keras, PyTorch Wei Wu slides video
10:20 Optimizing DNN Parallelization with FlexFlow Nirmal Prajapati slides video
10:40 Hands-on Exercises and Office Hours   video
12:00 Closing Remarks